Are you looking to transfer TO or FROM Lauderdale Juniors?


STJFL Permission to Train & Clearances in preparation for 2021:


This is for players looking to move from one club to another. A discussion needs to be had with your current club and the club you are wanting to move to first. For example to ensure there is room for your player on their team if applications are approved.


Forms need to be completed for both the above.


Firstly a "Permission to Train"

Why do I need this? A courtesy to your current club/coach that you are interested in training with another club (and could also potentially lead to playing there) Forms need to be filled in by a player/parent and signed by current club before a player can take the track to train.


Secondly a "Clearance"

Why do I need this? Again a courtesy to your current coach/club to advise you are looking to move clubs. There needs to be formal paperwork filled in from both sides to initiate a clearance from one club to another. This can be a straight forward process or on the flip side, this can take some to complete to reach an agreement between clubs and players depending on a variety of reasons, one being about the "zone area" in which the player lives and you are looking at moving to a club out of this area.


In the first instance you need to contact your current club president or your club registrar for the paperwork to start the process.


Happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns about this for anyone!


Kristi Mead
Club Registrar